Telco Roundup: iPhone on BSNL, 3G Auction Date Tussle

CDMA and GSM operators are back to the fight club and this time, the fight in on 3G auction date.

What’s the issue?

Revenue Separation of operators between 2G and 3G services – If an operator offers 3G service, they will pay only 1% of their annual revenues as spectrum charges (no annual spectrum charge would be payable for 3G telecom services in the first year from the date of allotment of spectrum!).

For 2G services, the spectrum charges stands at 4%.

If 3G operators are not allowed to separate revenues they will have to pay 5 per cent of revenues as spectrum charge and that could be a revenue hit of a few thousand crores. – source

CDMA operators want a foolproof method, as it’s not possible to segregate the revenues earned through 2G services from that of 3G services, while GSM players do not want any delay in the auction.

Since 2G and 3G cells are distinct, it is possible to sum all service traffic from 2G cells and all service traffic from 3G cells independently. This ratio can be applied to the total revenue earned by the operator to get a split

BSNL to bring iPhone and Blackberry

BSNL is in talks with Apple as well as Blackberry to launch iPhone as well as Blackberry services in India.

Unlike Airtel and Vodafone, BSNL has been granted 3G license by the govt. and the telco has already launched it’s 3G service in Pune.

Let’s hope BSNL plays a catalyst in bringing the price of iPhone down to an affordable rate.

What’s your take?

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