iPhone @ Rs. 31K?..Comparison with HTC Touch Diamond


iPhone @ Rs. 31K?..Comparison with HTC Touch Diamond

The news is already out that iPhone will be priced for Rs. 31K!

  • 8 GB version of the 3G iPhone will cost Rs 31,000
  • 16 GB version will cost between Rs 36,000-37,000.[ToI] –  Thanks Lokajit for the tip

Though the reports aren’t yet confirmed, it’s quite difficult to digest the fact that iPhone is priced for ~740$! (3.75 times the price in US?)

The price slash in US was primarily attributed to the fact that operators are taking a hit – Apple sells the handset to them @ $300 and operators subsidize the price so that they can milk the users later (data plan).

But Indian operators do not have any reason to subsidize the price – so here is the dope, a serious suggestion.

Go for HTC Touch Diamond. Here is the comparison:

HTC iPhone Comparison
HTC iPhone Comparison

  • OS: HTC runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS, iPhone on Mac OS.
  • Keypad – iPhone sucks, while HTC scores an edge.
  • Camera – iPhone sucks (2 MP), again HTC scores an edge (3.2MP).
  • Bluetooth – HTC scores again.
  • Screen size – iPhone scores (3.5in) while HTC is @ 2.8in
  • Pricing – HTC @ Rs. 26K (in partnership with Airtel), while iPhone @ Rs. 31K.

What’s your opinion?

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