iPhone- Early Adopter’s curse?


iPhone- Early Adopter’s curse?

The new iPhone is “Twice as fast, Half the price” – and that has left many early adopters fuming!

The newer version of iPhone will be launched on July 11th and is bundled with following features:

  • 3G support
  • Location aware, Enterprise-friendly
  • Support for MS Exchange
  • App store,
  • Developer APIs (developers will keep 70% of revenues)

As an early adopter who enjoyed the “fame” and “attention” (i.e. show-off), how do you feel about the new iPhone?

Envy (for those who are buying at “Half the price, Twice the speed”)?
Wrath (over Apple for selling “double the price, half the speed” product)?

Well, this is a classic case of early adopters curse and I do hope iPhone does something about it!

Should companies have an early adopter fund (i.e. replacement option) or a cheaper upgrade option? After all, Apple owes it’s success to buzz created by early adopters and can’t make them look silly (and outdated) with newer products!

What do you think?

Aside, the 3G version of iPhone is being launched in India by mid-October.

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