iPhone Review : The good and the bad

[Review of new iPhone by Anuj Gupta, pluGGd.in reader] After 5 hrs of wait at the Michigan Ave store and playing with of for almost one full day this is what I think

  • the predictive text system is better than anything I have seen before. It takes care of the issue that there are no keys and you make mistakes several times as you type.
  • my favourite app is the aol/ CBS radio station. It’s got the awesome “top 100 in pop music” station and even a desi music channel. Now all I need is radio mirchi
  • the camera is good. Still think with 8 gig hd we could have a video app
  • the basic Phone and iPod features we all love, work flawlessly
  • I can use the browser to read almost anything including my emails/blogs and what not
  • the YouTube function is awesome but you have to be careful with the battery life
  • I should not forget the speakerphone. The built in speakerphones deliver bose audio quality sound. Awesome for playing my radio channels
  • the 3 g and wifi makes live YouTube videos possible. Now can I get my tv as well?


  • I think that blackberry email is still superior so don’t buy iPhone if you have to do a lot of typing – for typing I’d say balckberry curve is still no 1 and iPhone no 2
  • the phone feels a bit heavy to hold though it is comparable to blackberry curve and nokia 95
  • it only shows video from YouTube and QuickTime movie player. Wish it supported realtime or ms media players
  • overall this thing is effectively a small computer and can easily compete with similar computers out there by Sony et al.

Though simple features like text copy paste are missing. This is an ultimate fashion accessory which makes it a must to have.
Summary of features I’d love to have in future releases:

  • Touchpad/ mouse type controls; can someone create bluetooth mouse for iPhone
  • Copy paste feature for text
  • More video games
  • Option for bluetooth keyboard
  • Support for real media player and MS Media player
  • Better apps than Monkeyball .. say how about Microsoft office for iPhone
  • More battery life… double would be good and wont mind triple

What features do you want?

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