iPhone4 Available in India–for INR 52,500 [Only]!

Wow! iPhone4 is available in India for INR 43,950 [16GB] and 32GB version for INR 52,500 only!

We earlier asked you how much will you pay for iPhone4 and the general consensus was around 35K-40K, but this website is taking the bookings at the above mentioned price.

And on top of that, you would have to wait for 4-5 weeks for the delivery.

Since iPhone4 is SIM-free, all you would need is a micro-SIM card to get started – i.e. no need to worry about jail-breaking the phone.
As far as the official phones from telecom operators are concerned, you will have to wait till September or October (Vodafone will bring iPhone 4 to India, iPhone4 Coming to India on Airtel Network by October).

Meanwhile, why don’t you order one and share your photograph with us? Smile

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