IPL: Orkut Monetization via Brand Campaigns

Orkut is in discussion with IPL to create brand positioning campaigns and IPL profile page – and bring in advertisers to monetize the socionet.

As far as traffic is concerned, Orkut is #1 social networking site in India (know the traffic of Indian social networks) and it would be interesting to see Orkut’s monetization strategy – after all, monetizing social networks is not an easy game.

Google is roping in FMCG, Telecom and Movie Producers to advertise on Orkut (Google has also bagged deep-pocketed Advani campaign – so expect Advani ads on Orkut as well) :

Google is banking on converting its vast network of Adwords advertisers to Orkut, where they can place targeted and contextual advisements on various social communities and user profiles, reaching individual customers directly. “This would be through minimum intrusion, as we will (only) allow advertising at the lower half of the user’s profile page, that too at an infrequent rate,”
You will see Google helping airlines sell tickets and packages on Orkut, financial services and products to users, and insurance and brokerage firms to offer services to targeted users” – source

What’s your opinion? Do you think Orkut will see some success in this strategy?

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