For Google, IPL 2010 is Damn Important [Starts Promoting from Homepage]

For Google, IPL’s YouTube partnership is so important that they have started promoting a specially created page for IPL.

Worldwide, Google has promoted a few products (like Droid) on the homepage, but I believe this is the first time, Google India is promoting a landing page from

IPL Online - Google IPL Ad
IPL Online - Google IPL Ad

The special landing page created for IPL 2010 is nothing but a major attempt to promote the IPL’s YouTube channel [read: Google India/Youtube Grabs 2 years Exclusive Web Rights to IPL].

Interestingly, the video (as of writing this post) is about SRK watching the IPL match – talks of Google making a tectonic shift from being a technology company to a ‘media’ company.

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