Take IPL Polls with Missed Calls

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Take IPL Polls with Missed Calls

IPL 2010 has begun and here is your chance to participate in the polls (unofficial polls) by giving a missed calls.

The website, IndiPolls will throw a question, possible options and each option will have a phone number associated with it.

All you need to do is to just give a missed call and to the number [associated with a particular option] and bingo – your vote is recorded.

IPL Voting by Missed Calls

The Missed Call Platform

The platform short circuits the operators’ SMS route and the team is into something bigger. If the platform takes off, it could end up competing with operator’s one of the most significant money making business – voting/polling for reality shows.

Voting in reality TV shows is the most popular contest type urban Indians participate in by sending SMS to preserved short code. 45 million urban Indians mentioned voting in reality TV shows, the most popular SMS contest/vote type followed by voting in news polls (31.64 million).

[source: Mobile VAS subscribers in India – Insights/Prediction]

If the platform achieves traction, expect a sue-dom game from operators.

Do give IndiPolls a spin and share your take.

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