Top IPL 2014 Apps Cricket Fans Must Check Out

Top IPL Live Apps for Android, iOS and more for a cricket fan this season.

Predict, gossip, bitch, judge and criticize or applaud. Have fun at the expense of IPL matches with a whole range of apps that’s all “crickety”. We’ve put together a quick list for the cricket fan on the move. Take a look.

1. CriBol


The app gives you ball by ball info on the IPL matches with a wide array of details. There is a voice feature that will let you hear the updates instead of reading through it. So whether you are working or driving, you could keep yourself updated. Also there is a live notification sent when anything major happens in the game. The user can choose if he wants to see ads or not. The screen could be made a bit more happening, after all it’s IPL and one expects entertainment and colours everywhere.

Download  Android app CriBol.

2. The official BCCI app

 An IPL Live app from BCCI, developed by Pulse Innovations. Basically, it gives you all information that you want for all the IPL matches. There are features like Hawk-eye analysis that helps you understand every ball in detail.

Download Android app BCCI.

3. Go Cricket

 Live streaming of matches and updated crickets scores are given by this app, developed by Times Internet. It is available on all android and iOS devices. The interface is lively and makes you want to stay engaged.

Download Android app GoCricket.

go cricket

4. StarSports

 The app features news, fixture list and live score of the IPL matches. Available on Android and iOS, you need to pay Rs.20 to watch any and all matches happening on a particular day. Star India had licensed the digital distribution rights for IPL 2014 from Times Internet. Even when there are no matches, there are videos that you can watch.

Download Android app StarSports.

5.Cricbuzz cricket scores and news

 Along with live score updates, there is also audio commentary in English and other select regional languages. Player/team statistics are also available. There are live tweets and videos to keep you entertained during the game.

Download Android app Cricbuzz.

6. ESPN Cricinfo  app

 Besides live updates,you can also subscribe to exclusive articles and videos from experts. Match results, player profiles, team and player descriptions are available in the app. The descriptions are lively that you feel you are part of the game.

Download Android app Cricinfo app.

cric info

7. The Loudest Cheer

The app launched by Blogmint, is to connect audiences to IPL matches that are being played abroad. Basically, you cheer when your favourite team scores. Audio cheers are available under the following categories: ace catch, great shot, great run, ace 4, ultra 6 and big wicket. It is a fun group activity.

Download Android app TLC.

8. Fantain

 Apart from news and updates, there is also a real time game where you can play even as the captain of your team. There is a sports shops to buy your favourite sporting gear. You could  engage with sports communities and read blogs on the game as well. 

Download Android app Fantain.

 9. Matchup Cricket

 It is an app that lets you predict every move in the game and in return you wins points for it, redeemable for gifts and chips that are needed to play the game. There is a classic mode as well where you can play non-live matches. Also, there is a multi-player option where you can compete and have fun with friends.

Check out the app here.

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