News Bytes: TripAdvisor: IRCTC, IPL Theatre Rights

TripAdvisor has partnered with IRCTC to power travel review content on IRCTC website.

IRCTC drives 33% of total tickets sold by Indian railways and the deal is surely a big entry for TripAdvisor on India’s most successful ecommerce website.

TripAdvisor also licenses it’s travel reviews to Google.

IPL Theatre Rights

And now, you can watch IPL matches on theatres, buses, trains etc.

IPL has announced that Entertainment & Sports Direct (ESD) has made the highest bid for the Indian Premier League’s (IPL’s) theatrical rights to matches in the league to be played in Seasons 2010 through to 2019. The deal will give ESD the exclusive exhibition rights for audiences in cinema halls, stadia, water borne vessels, buses, trains, armed service establishments, hospitals, bars, hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, offices, construction sites, oil rigs, clubs, auditoriums, spas, salons and other similar public venues.

Two bids were received for the theatrical rights tender from Triplecom Media and ESD. The theatrical rights bid by ESD was of Rs. 330 crore which was the highest. – source

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