No IPL for News Channels – Who Wins? YouTube


No IPL for News Channels – Who Wins? YouTube

News Broadcasters Association (NBA) has just announced that they will not cover any news related to IPL, owing to the IPL media restrictions.

IPL Media Guidelines

Earlier, IPL issued guidelines stating that TV channels can use up to 30 seconds of fresh footage per bulletin, while websites are not allowed to broadcast any of the match footages, archived or deferred.
Also, News channels are not allowed to show match footage surpassing 120 seconds per match, with a cap of just seven minutes of footage for the entire day.

Youtube/Google Grabs IPL Rights
Youtube Google India IPL Rights

The renewed guidelines also demand a minimum delay of 30 minutes from the live telecast against just five minutes in 2008. –via

Also Lifestyle and Travel magazines have been barred from carrying anything about the IPL. As per the new guidelines only “bona fide magazines” and “bona fide websites” can use still photographs.
According to the IPL guidelines, a “bona fide magazine” is the one whose business solely concerns the provision of news to the public and not marketing.
On the other hand, a “bona fide website” means an official on-line website version of a printed newspaper or sport-related magazine, a bona fide news media website or any other DLF IPL-approved website displaying text, data and photographs for editorial use only and not for any commercial purpose or commercial use. – via

If this decision is not revisited, millions of viewers will be deprived of watching the match.

Good for Internet and hopefully this can drive broadband adoption in India, as you can watch IPL on YouTube.

What about IPL? Well, its time they start calling themselves India Pai$a League.

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