IPL’s big logistic challenges

IPL is big and is bigger than World Cup, Commonwealth Games and even Asian Games when it comes to logistics.

While organizers of events like commonwealth games and Asian Games had 2 years of time for preparation, IPL organizers have got only 8 weeks of planning time.

Few Stats:

  • Eight teams, 128 players and 59 matches in 44 days.
  • 12,000 hotel nights, 20,000 air tickets and will move at least 1000 people every day.
  • Total number of 3,000 people who will be ferried from one part of India to another.
  • 4 production kits will be moved through air. A cargo plane will transport the kits, undergoing 44 legs in 44 days of cricket—often with 2 legs a day.

I just hope BCCI lets go of the strict media guidelines and makes it easy for media/bloggers to cover the event.

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