IPL More Popular Than Fifa; CR & Messi Most Searched: UC Browser

Not withstanding all the excitement around the Fifa 2014 world cup, India is still a country of cricket lowers (sic). According to data from UC Browser, IPL 2014 is three times as popular as FIFA World Cup 2014 in India.

In the group stage, nearly 250,000 Indian users visited football sites via UC Browser everyday, generating over 1,000,000 page views daily. In comparison, around 850,000 Indian users visited IPL sites with UC Browser every day during the IPL.

Here are some other stats shared by UC Browser:

Maharashtra has more football fans than any other states in the country.

Fifa 1

IPL keywords are searched 2.5 times more than FIFA-related keywords (based on the top 50 IPL-related keywords and top 50 FIFA-related keywords.)Fifa2

Messi is the most searched football player in India, followed by Ronaldo. Interestingly, Uruguayan striker Suarez quickly gained momentum in the search trend after his notorious biting incident. Here are the top 5 most searched footballers during FIFA World Cup 2014’s group stage.