Here is the banner ad rate for IRCTC’s payment page – 168*193 size banner auction’s (the ad appears on the left sidebar on the payment page) minimum bid is Rs. 3,00,000 (6 months duration).

Banner Ad Rates for IRCTC
Banner Ad Rates for IRCTC

IRCTC Transaction for Jan 2009

  • Total # of transactions: 5937993
  • Total amount transacted- Rs. 5260270734
  • Total amount transacted- Credit Card: 2132850175
  • Total amount transacted:  Debit Cards: Rs. 1677066214
  • Total amount transacted:  Cash Cards: Rs. 952479049

IRCTC Traffic – Flying High

IRCTC Traffic - Flying High

With ~2.5mn UUs in December 2008 and ~8mn visits, don’t you think that IRCTC is selling it’s ad inventory at a damn cheap CPM rate?

How about ad networks partnering with IRCTC for the inventory?

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