IRCTC drives close to 1/3rd of ecommerce in India and is one of the most trafficked site in India. One would often wonder what’s the advertising rate on IRCTC website.

Currently, there are quite a few banner locations available for advertisers to bid on and the bid starts from INR 20,00 (for the period December 31st, 2010) and for one location it even goes up till Rs. 9,00,000!

Here are the top 3 banner ad positions (in the increasing order of minimum bid amount).

1. Starting Bid: Rs. 75,000.

Location: Agent-Login (Right)

Size: 163 x 126 pixels.

IRCTC_Agent Login R

2. Starting Bid : Rs. 1, 34, 400

Location: Confirmation Page L-2

Size: 210 x 110 pixelsIRCTC_Confirmation Page L-2

Guess the highest inventory rate.

Well, the minimum bid amount is 9,00,000! and the location is Home-Page-Banner (Right), for the ad size of 419 * 133 pixels.


What inferences can you draw from these rates (CTR/Heatmap)? Why is ad on agent login page so highly priced (what intent does it serves?).


In order to view the rates, login to IRCTC and you will find ‘Banner Auction’ link on the left sidebar.