IRCTC introduces IMPS Payment facility


IRCTC introduces IMPS Payment facility

IRCTC has introduced IMPS Merchant Payments (P2M – Person-to-merchant) payment option that allows customers to make instant, 24*7, interbank payments to merchants or enterprises via mobile phone. IMPS enables mobile banking users a facility to make payment to merchants and enterprises, through various access channels such as Internet, mobile Internet, IVR, SMS, USSD.imps_irctc

IMPS: How to get started

In order to use the IMPS payment facility, customer needs to be a mobile banking user of their respective bank and apply for MMID (Mobile Money Identifier, a 7-digit number provided by the bank). This number is used to identify customer Bank and is linked to the account number. The combination of mobile number and MMID is unique for the particular account, and customer can link same mobile number with multiple accounts in the same Bank, and get separate MMID for each account.

– Get M-PIN. M-PIN is Mobile PIN, a secret password that is provided by Bank to customer. Customer needs to authenticate transaction using M-PIN

– Download mobile banking application or use SMS / USSD facility provided by the Bank. In order to perform IMPS transactions, customer needs to download mobile banking application or use SMS / USSD facility provided by the Bank

– Perform transaction using mobile banking application or SMS / USSD facility.

The service is chargeable at Rs. 5 for transaction amount upto Rs. 5,000/ and Rs. 10 for above. Supported banks include Union bank of India, SBI, Kotak Mahindra bank and Canara bank (read instructions on how to generate OTP).

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