Can I Courier Myself home this Diwali? and other IRCTC Jokes!

irctcThe Indian Railway ticketing website is a source of mystery. Of agony. Of pain, of happiness, of misery for millions of Indians trying to book tickets on the site. Of victory of the lucky few who manage to book a ticket. But we learn to live with it and at times make fun of it. Even if it is like this only. Here are some of the funny tweets on IRCTC we curated for you. Take a look:

  • Dear Sachin, scoring Century against Railways is not a big deal – Try booking a Ticket in IRCTC once. @Joydas
  •  A lot of people think IRCTC’s tagline is ‘This webpage is not available’ – @coolfunnytshirt
  • We are against reservation. – @abcdefu
  • The real competition in India is not seen during IITJEE, CAT or UPSC. It’s seen every morning at 10am – @NirvaanBaid
  • The most valid excuse for coming late to office. A team mate emailed – ‘Booking ticket on IRCTC. Will be a bit late- @ NamanSr
  • Dear Arvind Kejriwal, I would vote for you in the coming elections if you fix IRCTC website – #IRCTC website
  • IRCTC- India’s favorite massively multi-player online adventure game (Via Twitter)
  • “Mental disorder is 2nd most common cause of suicide in India. 1st is “Trying to book tickets on IRCTC website” [@sachin_pbs]
  • When it comes to queuing up, IRCTC / Indian Railways can beat Apple any day! –  @beingpractical
  • Why Advani Ji prefer his own “Rath” over “IRCTC”- @HazirJawab
  • Qn:How to test browser speed? A: Try opening IRCTC.* *Plug in power source to your laptop before attempting this – @msiroya
  • Maybe I should start walking to my hometown rather than waiting to get log on in IRCTC to book ticket:) – @vambukku

Turtle: Nothing is slower than me! Snail: Lol you sure?

Internet Explorer: BITCH PLEASE..

IRCTC : Awaaz Niche!! 😉 – @SumantKumar

  • Dear Blue Dart and DHL, this Diwali, can I courier myself to my home? Sincerely, IRCTC hater.
  • What if IRCTC is actually promoting ticket less travel? – @agarwalriya

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