Yay! The New IRCTC Rail Ticketing Booking Platform Works!


Yay! The New IRCTC Rail Ticketing Booking Platform Works!

Looks like the railways is delivering on a promise it made last year. Its ticketing website IRCTC has gotten a lot faster with the new update.irctc

The new update, called Next Generation E-ticketing System, seems to be quite snappy, even during peak hours. Although the new interface isn’t very slick, it seems to be very light.

Function over form seems to be the thinking. That works. I booked a couple of tickets this morning and was able to zip through the site, which would have otherwise taken much longer.

Obviously, the backend has been upgraded to support more users.

There are two captchas on the site, one at the time of logging in and the other after you fill in the passenger details. The second time, it gets a bit irritating. But otherwise, the site works like it should.

We hope the new platform stays up. It will probably take the Gross National Happiness Index a few notches up.

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