IRCTC : Payment Gateway Data [Jan 2012]: 32% Failure Rate in Netbanking Transactions

Quick snapshots from IRCTC payment gateway data for January 2012:

IRCTC: Transaction Data
IRCTC: Transaction Data

– 73% success rate in credit/debit cards transaction, led by AMEX payment gateway (82.58%), ICICI (78.37%) and AXIS PG (75.38%).

Only 68% success rate in debit card/Netbanking transactions. Best performer was INDUSIND (76.56%), HDFC (73.16%) and ICICI (74.86%).

– As far as cash cards are concerned, the overall successful transaction rate stood at 88%, led by I CASH CARD (91.76%), ITZ Cash Card (89.53%) and DONE CARD (83.87%)

– In total, a total of 13741957 transactions were attempted out of which only 74% were successful.

Download the data from here.

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