Before You Smash Your Computer While Booking On IRCTC, Try Haptik!

It is not new to talk about the issues that one would face on the IRCTC website. The list of issues are too huge – slow web loading, too much traffic, page not found, you pressed back button, you hit refresh, you did this, we did that and what not! Ultimately we all end end up sitting hours together staring at the IRCTC page and end up frustrated and curse the website. (read a few IRCTC jokes).

We all wish if someone had just helped us address our issue with the website.

IRCTC Support @Haptik
IRCTC Support @Haptik

Well, worry not because Haptik is here!

Haptik app provides customer support across several product and service categories making it possible for the user to chat with experts for support, information and more. Haptik enables you to send messages to IRCTC’s in-house experts, and get responses instantly – just like texting a friend!

Now users can use the “IRCTC” handle inside the Haptik app to get any information related to Indian Railways. This will include PNR Status, Ticket Availability, Timings & Schedules and anything else related to stations, services provided, etc (download the Haptik app). Definitely, this is a big win for Haptik which recently crossed 10,000 downloads on Google Play Store.

And now, a bonus video! Before you smash your laptop 🙂

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