Waitlisted In IRCTC? Cancel And Buy Air Tickets For Small Additional Charge

SpiceJet and GoAir have partnered with Indian Railways to sell flight tickets to the passengers in the IRCTC waiting list. Spicejet GoAir logo

The partnership will allow passengers whose ticket is in waiting list to cancel the train ticket and book a Spice Jet or Go Air flight by paying some additional charge.

IRCTC has entered this partnership with the airlines a month ago and the flight tickets provided by both SpiceJet and GoAir have been sold to passengers in the waiting list.

However, the offer is valid only for passengers who has tickets booked at least three days before the date of the journey. These train tickets can only be cancelled on the specific website and flight tickets are available only for the day of the train journey or a day before.

The concerns over this scheme arise as there are no fixed numbers of flight tickets that the airlines have to provide IRCTC. The scheme also does not provide any fixed rates for the flight tickets and the additional charge that the passengers have to pay depending on the sector and prevailing prices.

We hope this goes beyond just a PR and sees actual benefit to the customers.

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