Irony : This Popular Site (According to Comscore) Just Doesn’t Exist

Like any other professional who is interested in learning about the online trend in India, I was going through the recent article that mentions that India is now world’s third largest Internet Population.

The detailed report (from Comscore) talks about the growth of different categories of consumption and interestingly, mentions how few leading Indian news sites are attracting substantial share of visitors from abroad.

Okay. Sounds good.I was ready to move on. But wait. What is that site at the bottom? Now I’m curious.


The highlighted site, doesn’t even exist now! According to Comscore data between March 2012 – March 2013, the site receives close to 3.3 million visitors!

Irony++ : It’s a scam site, as per a few consumer reports (1, 2, 3).

What does this imply?

With due respect to Comscore and panels they run in India, trusting the service comes with its own risk. I have said this quite a few times (read : Top Confusion in Indian Digital Media) and I will say this again: there STILL is NO trustworthy digital data measurement system in India and the space is waiting for disruption (hello startups?).

What are your thoughts? Do you trust Comscore or Alexa?

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