Is ganesh chaturthi a ‘gay’ festival? Guardian thinks so..

Apologies for digressing from our regular category of posts (i.e. startups/IndieBiz related), but couldn’t help writing about these stupid journalists @ Guardian.

According to UK’s Guardian (a very respected newspaper), Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival for gay community:

“Ganesh has always been non-Hindus’ favourite Hindu deity, as he is most commonly represented in the incarnation of a jolly rotund elephant boy. He is particularly revered by the gay community in Mumbai during his festival in September, because he represents the removal of obstacles – and it’s an occasion for them to express themselves as idols are plunged into the sea at Chowpatty beach. Self-expression for gay Mumbai usually comes – as it does at Mardi Gras and Pride parades worldwide – in the form of outrageous outfits and pounding disco.”  [source]

Comfortably dumb! Shame on these mag journalists who just don’t know what they write.

Any ideas on how to report such things?

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