Why is Google redirecting traffic to iGoogle (for logged in users)?

Very fishy, but just found out that Google is redirecting traffic to iGoogle (for logged in users) [typedigoogle Google.com in the URL and Google redirects me to iGoogle page]

Not sure whether this is happening for all the users, but I guess these tactics are part of bucket testing (a testing typically carried out during non-peak hours, for few user ids spread across certain geographies – to test few site changes).

Clicking “classic home” takes me back to the search home page.

iGoogle even though it’s one of the wildly growing properties of Google hasn’t matched with MyYahoo and driving traffic could be one of the strategy (or the only strategy?) to increase awareness/adoption.

Google is testing ads on iGoogle as well, so very likely that they will try out more such strategy to increase adoption.

Is it me only or somebody else has also faced a similar redirection?

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