Is there anything called ‘Art of Dying’? Techtribe goes off the web, Media sections lives on

After ‘Art of Start’, is there anything called ‘Art of Dying’ in Entrepreneurial world?

Techtribe, as we mentioned earlier was deadpooled – the site is officially off the world wide web, but the surprising part is that the media section of the site lives on.

What’s really disappointing is that there is not a single mention of service being not available anymore (sign-up button ofcourse doesn’t take you anywhere) on the news section.

While I have utmost respect for entrepreneurs who try (we are one!), do you think startups should announce their dead state – and then die? Or if they are dead, they should just remove the entire site?

techtribe deadpooled
Techtribe Query on Google

To me, it’s a question of trust (after all, Techtribe team is working on Tenmarks) and while people have short memories, sometimes it all comes back and haunt you.

Is there something called ‘Art of Dying’? How to fold off one’s startup?

What’s your pick among the three options here:

  • Announce the time your service will cease to exist / Give users ample time? [most of Silicon valley startups follow this – recent e.g. tipjoy]
  • One fine day, announce you are dead and take off the entire service.
  • Move on..keep the site running, till your server bills are paid? [many Indian startups do this]

What route will you take?

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