iShopd – Social Shopping Startup

iShopd is a newly launched startup that is built on the premise of group shopping (read this conversation on Group shopping portals in India).

iShopd lets you announce your shopping intent (in twitter style), rate/review products, add products to wishlist etc.

Group shopping is no easy game – companies like Mercata (backed by Paul Allen and one of the most promising companies of web1.0 era..not alive anymore) tried similar concept – i.e. aggregate demand, get deals from suppliers (at discounted price) and pass on some % of discount to consumers (and keep the rest).

The thing about such a model is that it is too business development dependent and many a times, malls have better offers than what few chunks of consumers can demand.

Anyways, iShopd in it’s current format looks very basic and unless they think of the offline channel, I am not sure an idea like this will fly (i.e. in terms of monetization).

What’s your opinion?

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