Got a name-sake Broadband connection? TRAI comes to your rescue

I am sure most of us will agree to the fact that Broadband connection in India is name-sake. Infact, anything goes in the name of broadband.

And now, TRAI has announced plans to introduce regulations to ensure that ISPs provide internet connections based on the capacity of traffic they can carry.

Contention Ratio

Contention Ratio = ratio between the number of customers per unit bandwidth; and as per international practice, the idea number is 50:1 for home users and 20:1 for business users.

TRAI’s decision to fix on a contention ratio is being opposed by standalone ISPs.

Telcos offering similar internet services are tempted to offer predatory prices as they own the last mile, and at the same time by bundling telephony along with internet to enhance their otherwise idle last mile.” The association, while asking TRAI to defer this proposal by 2-3 years, also warned that if implemented, this could ‘wipe off the competition in the market and would benefit neither the consumer nor the industry’ – source

While standalone ISPs have all the right reasons to not serve customers efficiently, we do hope TRAI gets to move this regulation forward and rescues us from ISPs who fail to meet the definition of broadband connection.

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