News Roundup: ISPs to connect to NIXI – Expect cheaper tariff

In a move that can potentially bring down the cost of Internet access, the Department of Telecom is planning to make it mandatory for all Internet Service Providers to connect to the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI).

If this happens then domestic Internet traffic will remain within the country, which will save ISPs the cost of buying international bandwidth. For example, an e-mail sent from Delhi to Mumbai may now be routed through servers in the US for which the ISPs need to buy international bandwidth. If all the ISPs connect to the NIXI then this data can be kept within the country. This will reduce costs which will lead to lower data tariffs. [source]

Motorola India to go solo after Google buy

“Motorola has a long-standing presence in India and the Asia-Pacific region, and that will continue. Mobility is owned by Google but will keep its operations separate,”. There are no immediate changes in the regions and operations would continue as before [source]

Telecom companies to get more spectrum in 2G bid

The Telecom Commission has panel suggested that at least 10 MHz of spectrum in each circle should be auctioned against Trai’s proposal for 5 MHz, a move that is expected to provide comfort to potential bidders who have been protesting about the low volume of airwaves being put up for bidding. In addition, operators who are already in business, can bid for a maximum of two blocks of 1.25 MHz each, giving the incumbents total spectrum of 5 MHz. Those opting for CDMA technology will have to bid for 2.5 MHz of spectrum.[source]

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