ISRO’s Bhuvan to beat Google Earth


ISRO’s Bhuvan to beat Google Earth

ISRO is working on an ambitious project called Bhuvan (means Earth), a satellite mapping tool.

Bhuvan allows you to zoom far closer than the aerial view from a chopper. If Google Earth shows details upto 200 metres distance and Wikimapia upto 50 metres, Bhuvan will show images upto 10 metres, which means you can easily see details upto a  three floor high building and also add information.

Bhuvan uses the data recorded by Indian satellites and the first prototype will be available by November.

Bhuvan’s edge over Google Earth

  • Google Earth’s Zoom levels up to 200 mt – ISRO’s Bhuvan      Zoom levels up to 10 mt
  • Google Earth: Single layer information   –   ISRO’s Bhuvan:          Multi-layer information
  • Google Earth: Images upgraded every 4 years –  ISRO’s Bhuvan:  Images upgraded every year
  • Google Earth: No alternate viewing options – ISRO’s Bhuvan:     Options of viewing on different dates
  • Google Earth: Uses international satellites – ISRO’s Bhuvan:   Uses Indian satellites


This is surely a big deal for ISRO which just launched Chandrayaan.

Breaking: ISRO has launched Bhuvan. Download ISRO Bhuvan.

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