itasveer starts flickr-ing…

itasveer integrates with flickr today, reaching the last mile of Indian digital photo enthusiasts. This comes just a week after itasveer bags “The best Indian website for photo printing” [PCWorld] by dint of their neat & cool interactive & creativity tool doodlepad.itasveer is the first Indian photo printing website to intuitively integrate with Flickr “even for non-PRO accounts”, Picsquare has been offering this service only for Flickr PRO accounts, which IMHO is not something to brag about.What this means for itasveer-Flickr users is that they do not need to upload their images twice, they can just import their Flickr images to itasveer and use them for ordering prints in the photo section / designing custom gifts in doodlepad.Flickr non-PRO users note, you can only order custom gifts or prints 5″x7″ or less, as Flickr does not provide full resolution images to non-PRO accounts.

Setting up your itasveer account with your Flickr account is a breeze, here’s a nice FAQ outlining the process and some screenshots. BTW also got a website facelift today 🙂

Watch out for some audio-visual tutorials on itasveer, and my next article in this segment – A critical look at the Indian online photo printing market!!

Sidenote: This article is authored by Tamal Das, a new plug @ In addition to being a technology & product management enthusiast (about which Ashish may write later ;), I’m also a digital photo enthusiast, check out my photoblog. You can either leave a comment on my posts, or send me an email.

What next from me? Some more announcements of new Indian startups in the local search, social networking, travel search, etc domains!!! Are you excited?

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