coParenter : AI comes to aid of divorced parents, to settle disputes and aid in communication (2/6)

Every year, hundreds of thousands of families get destroyed due to acrimonious divorce proceedings. 

The bitterness lingers for long and only aggravates the matter, mostly for the kids, caught in the crossfire.

coParenter is an AI driven app, which helps families going through divorce, better manage their life, resources and time.

 The app with it’s ‘Kids First’ approach, helps in clean and effective communication between parents and even mediates when things are heating up.

The app also offers, on-demand access to professionals (family law attorneys, therapists, social workers or other retired bench officers with strong conflict resolution backgrounds) on a subscription basis.

The company says that since its launch 81% of parents have resolved their disputes ‘within app’ itself, instead of resorting to professional help, and thus reducing expenses both in terms of time and money.

“I witnessed countless families torn apart as they slogged through the family law system. I saw how families would battle over the simplest of disagreements like where their child will go to school, what doctor they should see and what their diet should be — all matters that belong at home, not in a courtroom”