In this enjoyable video, Boris Paillard, the CEO of Le Wagon, gives Product Managers a useful talk on the basic tech skills that they should possess, which includes understanding the technical pitch of a product, creating a mockup and the DB scheme. Sometimes non-technical Product Managers are overwhelmed by technical aspects, however, as this video shows, it is an important element of Product Management to familiarize yourself with them.

Key Takeaways:

–> Four simple steps: a. Product Pitch (vision) -> b. Mockup (design) -> c. DB Scheme (architecture) -> d. User Stories (features)

–> Product Pitch: a. Target: Who are my customers? -> b. Pain: What do they suffer from? -> c. Solution: How do I answer their need?

–> User Stories: Look at your product from the user perspective in this manner – “As a ………., I can ………..”

–> DB Scheme: Familiarize yourself with SQL databases and creating a basic architecture for them to store user data.


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