Bern University presents, 'Hip Hop Cheese'. Cheese flavoured with hip-hop music! (14/18)

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Submitted to "Future of Food"

“Bacteria is responsible for the formation of the taste of cheese, with the enzymes that influence its maturity. Humidity, temperature or nutrients are not the only things that influence taste. 

Sounds, ultrasounds or music can also have physical effects.”

The paradigms of cheese making are just going to change.

 Scientists have found that the exposure of sound-waves also varies the flavour and aroma of cheese. 

Bern University scientists exposed the Cheese Wheels to different genre of music to determine the effect of sound waves on cheese production and it’s texture. They we rein a for an aromatic surprise.

The taste and aroma of cheese varied with the genre of music to which it was exposed. There were ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Mozart’ cheese and jury was divided on which was ‘tastier’.