BUDDY, is the buddy of elderly people ! (4/5)

A report from the US Administration on Aging reports that more than 30%, well over 11.M adults, live alone in US!

Social isolation and loneliness though are associated with a greater risk of dying in elderly, it is the isolation which is more important.

“One of the reasons we developed BUDDY, the companion robot, was our belief that BUDDY would be an excellent companion for senior citizens.  

BUDDY can ensure the well-being of senior citizens at home by providing social interaction and assistance, can remind them about upcoming events, appointments and deliveries.  

In addition, on behalf of care givers, BUDDY can monitor the homes of seniors who choose to live alone. He can detect falls and unusual activity and provide medication reminders. I

n addition, BUDDY can ease loneliness by seniors with social interaction. With BUDDY, seniors can access communication technology, like Skype and Facetime, with much more simplicity.”