England’s Go Zero Mobility launches ‘One’ and ‘Mile’ electric bicycles in India (26/31)

Britain’s GoZero Mobility has launched two of it flagship electric bicycles, ‘One’ and ‘Mile’ in India, starting with New Delhi.

GoZero One is powered with 400Wh lithium battery pack which provides 60 Kms of range on single charge.

GoZero Mile is powered with 300Wh lithium battery pack which provides 45 kms range. Both bicycles come with multi-modes of operation – Throttle, Peddle Assist, Cruise Mode, Walk Mode and Manual Peddle.

“With the significant focus by the Government of India towards Electric Mobility especially 2-wheelers, we see this as an appropriate time for us to be here.

 E-bikes globally is playing a major role allowing the user to commute faster and contribute towards curbing pollution & reducing traffic congestion.”

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