It happens only in China : A textbook on AI for kindergarten students (2/5)

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AI researchers from Google, the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and key Chinese universities collaborated on a 33 volume textbook series on AI for students ranging from Kindergarten to High school.

The aim is to  introduce pre-teens to the basics, strengthen teenagers’ capability for using intelligent and applied technologies, and help train hundreds of new AI teachers in 100 Chinese schools.

Textbooks are supported with learning materials and programming environments.  Students can seek online help which students can access through either PC or WeChat.

“With the rise of automation, new skills are emerging as valuable in the age of AI and are often not the focus of K-12 education. These include problem finding, inquiry, flexibility, collaboration, creativity, systems thinking and technological literacy to name the basics.AI changes what we teach the next generation starting in Kindergarten because the next generation will have jobs that do not exist yet.”