Machine Learning is now predicting the output of wind farms (5/10)

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While wind is helping us achieve the non-renewable energy goals, it is a highly un-predictable source of energy, where output could vary between a matter of hours. For a grid which is being fed by a wind energy farm, it is imperative to know, how much energy would be produced at what time, so that it could be optimally stored and then delivered to the consumer.

Now AI is being used to predict the output of wind farms using Machine Learning algorithms, so that delivery of energy output can be scheduled, making them more ‘viable’.

“We can’t eliminate the variability of the wind, but our early results suggest that we can use machine learning to make wind power sufficiently more predictable and valuable.

This approach also helps bring greater data rigor to wind farm operations, as machine learning can help wind farm operators make smarter, faster and more data-driven assessments of how their power output can meet electricity demand.”