Naval Ravikant’s heuristics for decision making ! (8/10)

Naval Ravikant, founder of AngelList has his three heuristics for decision making:

A) If you cannot decide, the answer is already ‘No’.

There are myriad of choices available on this planet, and there would always be another option. So say ‘Yes’ only when you are definite!

B) If you have two choices and they are relatively equal in weight, take the path of long-term gain and short-term pain.

Hard Choices, Easy Life and Easy Choices, Hard Life. Compounding works only in long-term and from that’s where all the real benefits accrue.

C) Make the choices which leaves you more ‘equanimous’ (calm and composed / peaceful) in the long term.

Peaceful mind is a precursor to happiness and hence it is utmost essential to make decisions which would make us more calm and peaceful.