'Be the first to be never lonely again' : The changing landscape of human relationship due to AI (3/6)

Increasing demands of modern society and work pressure has led the current generation to be the loneliest generation of all times.

 In an era when relationships are governed by ‘status’, youngsters are increasingly wary of ‘going in’ and then ‘getting hurt’.

While human relationship comes with all it’s complexity, and may not lead to any gratification at all (apart from causing a lot of pain instead), the relationship with a robot or a bot is clearly opposite. 

Companies are already testing and developing robots which could surpass the primitive need for another human, sex. The ‘easy option’ is still very far from common man’s reach but presents a real threat to basic human relationships.

Some are going as far to predict that by 2050 the number of human-robot relationship would surpass the human-human relationship!