OLA speeding towards custom made electric vehicles (14/31)

OLA is intending to buy custom made e-vehicles suitable for it’s operations (Special Purpose Vehicles), which would be primarily designed in-house. The vehicles are intended to have far better and efficient battery management system, which is critical for EV taxi operations.

Earlier it bought Mahindra & Mahindra’s e-Verito off the shelf, and tested it in Nagpur but the project failed. And hence now it is ensuring that vehicles are custom made, according to it’s needs and specifications, which could go long haul in taxi operations.

“The electric vehicles that Ola is planning to acquire will be low-cost and the number of features available will also be limited. The vehicles will be developed keeping in mind the needs of shared mobility. Though this is not at an advanced level, the company is in talks with different manufacturers,” the person said, adding that “the recent round of fundraising also points towards the elaborate plans the startup has in the electric mobility space”.