Persevere and wait for the right person to come by, for starting a company together (3/6)

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Poor co-founder choices have been the biggest casualty of ‘Changing the world’, ‘Disrupting’, ‘Move fast and break things’ narrative. 

Co-founders are solicited through online forums, groups and on Linkedin. There are even dating and meetup platforms for ‘finding founders’. People assume that spending a few hours and ‘knowing’ a person is enough to on-board a person as a co-founder. 

How wrong this fallacy is amply stated by Miguel here, founder of Samsamia Technologies.

“We founded Samsamia Technologies with 50%-50% shares each and he became the unique administrator, due to a incompatibility with my current job at my research lab.

I didn’t know back then but that was a decision that I was going to regret in the future. 

I thought that a shareholders agreement can protect my interests as a stakeholder, however that didn’t prevent the events that happened afterwards. 

This mistake costed me the company, I barely knew him, we had worked together for a while, but that’s completely different to work with a person under high pressure conditions and with money entering the company.”