"Professional PUBG player and Live streamer" is the new career option for youth of India (4/11)

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India’s online gaming market, buoyed by mobile gaming is expected to be a billion dollar industry by 2020. 

In just 6 months, PUBG has managed to double it’s DAU (Daily Active Users) to 10 million from 5 million in India.

Some real earning potential has hugely been responsible for making it a sensation among youngsters.

Gamers accept donations through payment applications like Paytm and Google Pay. Some also accept money in the form of YouTube Gaming subscriptions which costs Rs 159/month per subscriber.

“I am from a middle-class family and I do not have my dad. My dad passed away when I was four. Any income from this field was very helpful for my family. At an average, I earned around Rs 1 lakh for the first few months. It has actually helped me a lot,”