No stopping the PUBG obsession in India, team wins Rs.30 Lac as top prize in 'on the ground' tournament (6/11)

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PUBG is a perfect example of how a mobile game needs to be as much 'offline' as it is 'online' to become an overnight sensation. It has re-written the paradigms of the game.

In the recently concluded PUBG Mobile tournament at Hyderabad, there were over 570,000 online registrations from across the country. The tournament dished out a whopping 40,000 games across to the qualifiers. The top team took home the grand prize of Rs 30,00,000.

While the fans packed the championship venue, the live streaming at a point of time had 2.6 Lac concurrent viewers.

It is not unwise to conclude that without these 'on the ground' championships, PUBG would not have been the sensation, that we talk about today.

Well played team PUBG !