Public Transport Permit must for availing FAME-II electric vehicle incentive (24/31)

Since the biggest incentive of switching from fossil fuel to electric lies in changing the way public transport (passenger and goods both), as they are the biggest consumers, Government Of India has announced new guidelines for availing FAME-II incentives.

From 1st of April 2019, electric three-wheelers and four-wheelers will have to produce a valid permit from a government agency stating that the vehicle will be used only for public transport purposes, to avail incentives under the Rs 10,000 crore FAME India scheme.

“In the e-3W, e-4W and e-Bus segments, incentives will be applicable mainly to vehicles used for public transport or those registered for commercial purposes. However, for e-2W segment, incentives are also applicable for privately owned vehicles in addition to those used for public transport or for commercial purposes”