Contrary to popular belief, robots can help us 'being human' ! (5/6)

Machines are thought to be inert and emotion-less and humans pride themselves on having empathy and other soft skills. 

Now researchers at Yale University have found out that while humans can’t teach machines to be emotional, robots can for sure teach us human on how to be human.

In ‘hybrid systems’ where humans and robot interact socially, the right kind of set-up could actually improve the way humans deal with each another in daily life.

In one of the experiments, a group of people was tasked of building a railroad track in virtual world with a humanoid robot. Each group consisted of 3 people and a robot, working on a robot. The robot was deliberately programmed to make occasional errors, and then confess those as well.

“Sorry, guys, I made the mistake this round,” it declared perkily. “I know it may be hard to believe, but robots make mistakes too.”

It was found that this behaviour of robot made the group of people more communicative, relaxed and increased their empathy towards each other.