The 'Intelligent classroom behavior management system' of China (3/5)

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China is in a race to be world leader in AI by 2030, both in terms of research and adoption of the technology. 

The most important part of the roadmap, is to completely change it;s education system from ancient system to AI driven. The aim is two-folds, while it would intend to bring in efficiencies in the education system, it would also expose the students to AI and related technology both passively and actively, thereby sparking students curiosity.

 China believes, this is the way to create the required trained manpower for the forthcoming fourth industrial revolution.

“Previously when I had classes that I didn’t like very much, I would be lazy and maybe take a nap on the desk or flick through other textbooks. But I don’t dare be distracted since the cameras were installed in the classrooms. It’s like a pair of mystery eyes are constantly watching me.”