Those who build companies together, must eat together (1/6)

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Working remote augurs well for founders only when, things have stabilised to an extent (read success in terms of customer acquisition and ample funding). But in the rush of ‘filling the seats’, many a times ‘remote co-founders’ are picked.

At early stage, communication and feeling each other’s ‘pulse’ is utterly important, besides lending a shoulder to each other, either to smile or cry. 

This cannot happen when founders work remote. And breaking down of communications always have a ‘dominoes effect’. When it starts to rain, it pours and then breaks all the banks.

Gil Sadis admits this mistake of his startup journey here.

“We didn’t sit in the same office. 

This led to poor  communication between the team members. 

Sitting at the same office is not a must. You have great tools like Sqwiggle to help you manage remote work. 

But it was just not right for our team. 

You should know what’s best for your team and if you see that work just doesn’t get done when everyone works from home, stop that and see if an office works better”