UNICEF is using Bempu bracelet from Bengaluru for saving lives of babies world over (1/9)

Neonatal hypothermia is a worldwide problem and an important contributing factor for Neonatal morbidity and mortality especially in developing countries.

Normal rectal temperatures in newborn is between 36.5 to 37.5 degres Celsius. Any further loss in temperatures than 36.5 degrees celsius onsets Hypothermia in newborns. It is further aggravated if babies have low weight, due to high surface area to volume ratio.

Stanford University alumnus Ratul Narain of Bengaluru has developed a bracelet which alerts if infant’s temperature drops below 36.5 degrees Celsius. The bracelet is tied to an infant’s wrist, and as the temperature falls it flashes an orange light and sounds a beep as well.

UNICEF is using the device as part of it’s hypothermia prevention program, in developing countries.