We all are 'augmented' now, and reality is not to be found at all ! (6/9)

What is the reality? or What is the truth?

These two questions have confounded the best minds of humanity for centuries, leading to quests which often lasted for lifetime.

But in our lives, we do not have to worry about such questions.

And it is so because, there is no ‘reality’ left at all. 

We all are ‘augmented’ now, as we see the world through 5 inches (more or less) of glass.

It is not difficult to see that AI and related technologies are keeping us in our own silos and isolating us from the reality. Right from the pictures we see to the news we read. 

We are getting lost in ‘connections’ at the cost of forgoing the real ones.

Are we really moving ahead with technology or we are regressing?

“In summary, if our emerging technology is going to merge humanity with the machine, augmenting our human intelligence with artificial intelligence, we need to manage the risk! The risk of isolation, the risk of losing our art of conversation, the risk of convincing ourselves that our pre-conceived biases are not only factually correct, but good.”