What Do Product Managers Actually Do? (2/10)

What do Product Managers actually do? And by that, I mean what actual work does a PM do?

In an incredibly thorough introduction to the world of Product Management, Josh Elman of Greylock Partners, who has also worked at Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn and more, provides a detailed walkthrough of the same.

Key Takeaways:

Broad responsibilities of a Product Manager:

–> Define the market & customer.

–> Launch timing, sales and marketing collateral.

–> Define the problem and value proposition.

–> Competitors, products & capabilities

–> Define the requirements and roadmap.

–> Internal/External stakeholder communication.

–> Product evangelist and champion.

On the team:

–> You are not a ‘CEO of the product’. You’re a team leader.

–> Set the cadence.

–> Brainstorm effectively.

–> Manage product operations.

Shipping > Perfection:

–> Helping your team only matters if you ship the right product to the users.

–> Providing clear criteria for launch readiness.

–> Make the difficult tradeoffs.

–> Prioritize ruthlessly.

Key Points:


–> There is no right product…but there is a right way to be a Product Manager.

–> Effective Product Managers simply help their team move forward.